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Friday, January 04, 2008


Nepotisme bad for this country...we have president impeached and now we have pervert justice..and women always lier ,is this mexico?

The number one reason to vote for Hillary is President Clinton. Even though she stands on her own on every issue. Go to her web site at and see for yourself.
My husband and I believed in her authenticity so much we drove 16 hours to volunteer in New Hampshire. We drove our own car, paid for our own gas, hotel and food. We went door to door, called undecided, set up chairs and signed people in for a President Clinton event. We want Hillary to win so badly we even gave away our seats so undecided voters could listen to Bill Clinton. My husband and I have never seen the President up close. It meant the world to us to see him, but we gave it all up for the potential of 2 more votes. Outside, my husband and I along hundreds and hundreds of others stood in the freezing cold. I mean bone chilling, my theet were chattering cold. He spoke for about hour and we listened to the entire speech from outside speakers. At the end of his moving speech where he spoke of specific things Hillary would do for the country he spoke of a fire fighter. He pretended to be a caddy just so he could thank President Clinton in person for Hillary being his senat or.
He was a volunteer firefighter on 9.11. When Bush and the EPA told the entire fire department it was safe to work at ground zero, Hillary came to ground zero and told them to use their masks. She told them she is not sure if they are truly safe. And it better to be safe than sorry.
Thank God she is calculating. I want that in President dealing with a terrorist, or Iraq, or Iran, or Russia. And God only knows what America will face in the next few years.
My husband, my mother, my father ( a Reagan Republican), three of my mothers neighbors, two of her friends, six of my friends, five of my husbands friends and myself are voting for Hillary to make her President of the United States. Because she knows what the hell she is doing on day one and President Clinton will be on plane to Iraq to work on a deal for pull out. I want a President who will get the job done, not just talk about something he can never, ever back up. What would Obama do on day one?

Did any of you genius's stop to think that Clinton could not serve as ANY kind of judge, even if he wanted to? He was barred from practicing law, remember? Jees, do these conservatives have two brain to rub together?


A few things. First, if you feel the need to insult those who disagree with you, that doesn't tend to reflect very well on your arguments.

Second, if you're going to insult people's intelligence, it's nice to get your facts straight. Clinton wasn't permanently barred from practicing law, he was suspended. That suspension ended nearly two years ago. (Story found in about 3 seconds on Google.)

Third, there is no Constitutional requirement that Supreme Court Justices be admitted to the bar anywhere nor that they hold law degrees. Nor, as far as I know (Though I haven't confirmed this so I could be wrong. Wikipedia agrees with me, but of course they aren't perfect.) is there any such statutory requirement. So, even if he had been permanently disbarred, that still wouldn't keep him from serving as a Supreme Court justice.

In fact, a good many of the judge posts across the country have no actual requirement that the judge be an attorney. They nearly always are because we like our judges to have knowledge of the law, but it's usually not required.

I was not shocked about this rumour. Too may years of the Clinton/Bush participation in politics have created opportunities for kronysm and nepotism. This country is developing a sad similarity to Pakistan in the political arena.

We need change. We need people with different background and healthier baggage.

Mr Obama and Mr. Edwards might be the team that could bring us to a more transparent levels in national and international politics.

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