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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I think your analogy falls way short of being applicable because no one from the outset would be claiming that your dad and someone else's dad are the same person (unless that someone else is your sibling.) How about an Al Queda fighter's perception of George W. compared to that of Barbara Bush's perception? Do they believe in different George W's? The point of reference is the individual rather than perceptions about him. If varying perceptions equal different beings, the "Catholic Jesus" who had no brothers or sisters would be a "different Jesus" than the Protestant one who did. There would be no end to the different gods of Christianity.

Analogies are by nature, of course, imperfect. You're right of course, that the mere fact that people have different opionions about someone does not establish that they're not talking about the same person.

But haven't you ever been part of a conversation or witnessed a conversation in which two parties adamantly described a person or event very differently only to later to find out that they weren't really talking about the same person or event at all?

To me, the differences between the god described in the Book of Mormona and the Koran are so radically different than the God of the Bible, that it seems quite obvious that they're actually talking about someone else entirely.

hey, look! you're blogging! good post.

yeah, i don't have a problem with Romney as president either.

but once Fred jumps into the race, it's a moot point.

No, I haven't been privy to such a discussion--my experience has been that people invariably describe the same event with important differences.

Your comment that the god [sic] described in the Book of Mormon is different than the one described in the Bible leads me to conclude that you don't know how God is described in the Book of Mormon. While I haven't read the entire Koran, I don't recall any descriptions of God there either. Are you certain we're talking about the same books? :)

I can agree with Jeffrey on this one, having also studied with Mormons. The God of Christianity is the Trinity which has always, does now, and will always exist. The God of Mormonism was once a man, has a physical body and a wife, and isn't necessarily the Most High God.

I'm pretty sure we're not talking about the same Being. Not only do we not have the same Father, but we don't have the same Son, either. I have no idea what Mormons believe about the Holy Spirit.

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