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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Joe seems to be implying (although I could be wrong) that there is some sort of inconsistency between the President making a big deal about his opposition to abortion at an anti-abortion event and not mentioning it at all in the State of the Union address.

I certainly don't want to give the impression that the President was being logically inconsistent. And I agree that the President has to choose what is a priority in a relatively short speech. But I believe that defending human dignity and protecting life are issues that are always "necessary and expedient" and that the President should have at least found one sentence to address that point, particularly since Congress is pushing through another funding bill for embryo destructive research.

I suspect the real problem, though, is not with the President but with the American people. We tend to think that issues of human dignity are all but intractable and prefer to hear him address more resolvable issues, like health insurance. The President knows that he can say one thing to an audience of "pro-lifers" while ignoring the issue when addressing a national audience and that we really won't care. That in itself should give us pause.

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