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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


David makes those rationalizations because he doesn't want to believe that anyone today could actually commit the unforgivable sin. I just wanted to congratulate you for having the first honest blog on this issue out of dozens upon dozens that I've seen. GIGANTIC KUDOS TO YOU!!!

Here's a video for you that responds to Davids rationalizations:

You know, when you get comments like this you never know what to say. I find this odd because I was fairly clear that I agree with David in most respects as to his analysis. My only quibble with him is the idea that one must directly witness a miraculous act in order to blasphemy the Holy Spirit. This didn't even seem to be a major point of David's post, so I find it odd to have an atheist congratulate me for being honest. (The obvious implication being that David was not being honest, a view to which I do no ascribe.)


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