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Friday, November 10, 2006


"What problem is that? In what way are someone I've never heard of saying the war isn't going as planned and someone else I'd never heard of until he got caught with drugs and a gay prostitute connected?"


It's simple, they are connected by being in your post. Your post is the problem. Quit posting about people you've never heard of and things will be better (wink).

For a real thrill, try commenting on a blog
you've never heard of (mine) and written by another person you have never heard of (me).

Here's the best part. The "constitutional right" he speaks of guarantees free speech in public... and this isn't public.
This is your moderated, private blog - yet he'd yell about censorship if you deleted that post.

I find it bemusing that many people who yell the loudest about "free speech" are the ones who don't even know what it is.


I think you are taking this post too much to heart. Jeff was posting about comments made another post of his. It is not that the only thing those two things have in common is his post, but that someone had to "spout off" comments relating to a post that had nothing to do with his comments. Jeff was commenting on things he knew of, comments on his blog.

(Jeffrey's Wife)

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