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Thursday, June 02, 2005


it's the same mindset that makes excuses for democrats losing u.s. elections. "it couldn't possibly have been that a kerry presidency would have been bad for the country, it must have been... (insert lame excuses here)".

How about a mindset that denies the obvious fact that the war in Iraq is getting worse daily. Psychotic covers that pretty well. (insert bloviating right-wing bs)

Normally I delete non sequiter comments, but some things you just need to let people see.

Douglas, first off, if you want to mouth off about Iraq, please find a post that's actually about Iraq to do it.

Second, claiming that your posistion is "obvious" and then accusing anyone of disagrees with the "obvious" crazy doesn't constitute an argument.

Just thought I'd drop by and mention that a hero of the 'Christian' "Right", Marilyn Musgrave has said "The war in Iraq hasn't gone quite the way we hoped" - understatement of the millenium. That combined with Pastor Ted's outing really does sum up the problem.
Sorry to 'mouth off' - but it IS a Constitutional Right. STILL.

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