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Tuesday, December 07, 2004


I think you have a good solution. Keep the stuff till the parents come get it. The parents probably get tired of having to come get the stuff and put their foot down with these kids. If the parents don't come get it, then auction it off on Ebay!

well, if you're really that annoyed about it, you could give their stuff to Toys for Tots or something.

me, i'd just throw it back over the fence. maybe attach several voodoo pins and a creepy message.

I like a combination of approaches. I would start to keep their items. If the parents do not come over to retrieve these discarded toys, I would donate them to Toys for Tots or some other worthwhile charity.

At least this way you get your yard clean and the toys won't be coming back over the fence.

When their parents come to ask for the collection, ask them, "What can I do to help your kids stop throwing their toys over the wall?"

Two words.

Yard Sale.

yes, spacemonkey's right. sell your yard.

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