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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Jeffrey, I'm real close to you over here in Hereford. Wish I could've bumped into you over here, but unfortunately, family matters have kept me grounded here. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving - ours was happy, but sad too. My first trip home where I have to stay at a hotel.

Actually, I ended up driving over to see a friend in New Mexico as well. I drove right through Hereford. A little late now though.

Myself and my family members did some traveling during this Thanksgiving weekend as well. I wish I had been more active in the Blogosphere these past few months, but it has been quite difficult - with the elections, and with CRs... I am glad to see that Mr. Colllins' excellent weblog is still up and running. (Many other blogs have either moved, changed their format and lost their archives, or have stopped altogether.) I know that the holiday weekend is over now, but I still want to [belatedly] wish you and your readers a *Happy Thanksgiving*... Keep up the good work here, and God Bless!

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