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Sunday, November 21, 2004


Maybe because when you're in somebody else's country, you ought to pay them the courtesy of trusting their own security people. Of course, you have to recognize that there exists in this world another country besides the United States. (Using your argument, it would be okay for the Chileans to guard their own president with their own guns while he's visiting the White House.)

I'm not going to dignify the first part of your comment. However, as to the actual facts of the incident, it's been long established and well know that the Secret Service guards the President wherever he goes. Any issues any country has with that should have been resolved before the President is walking in the door.

And as to the Chileans (or any country) providing security for their president, I have no problem with that. Any country who's presidential detail can't be trusted in the White House shouldn't be invited in the first place. Obviously, I'd want precautions taken and background checks done, but in concept I have no problem with it.

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