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Friday, November 19, 2004


The Greek sort of claim Macedonia as their own; there's a Macedonian area northern Greece as well as the country of Macedonia that splintered off from Yugoslavia. Hence, the Greeks were/are up in arms with the idea of an independent Macedonia called Macedonia to their north. Check out the stink they made early this month when the US officially started calling Macedonia by that name.

Yes, I'm aware that much of ancient Macedonia currently lies within the borders of modern Greece. I don't think it affects my point though, as I find retroactive claims on history to absurd. (And that's the BEST thing I can say about them.)


I served in Macedonia and did some studying in grad school on the issue when I got back.
The fact is the US made a big deal about the creation by Tito of "Macedonia". Secretary of State Stettinius specifically said this was done in order to make a claim against Greece.

When I was in Macedonia there were prominent maps in the schools showing Macedonia encompassing part of Greece.

Despite all of this Greece is the biggest investor in the country and except for the name issue relations are actually very good.

there are not many good analogies to explain the issue but it isn't as simple as most people think. You have to imagine a region dominated by World war two, a "hot" war in the middle of the cold war in which this issue was used as a terriorial claim, etc.

Bill, what does ANY of what you said have to do with Alexander the Great? The only way I can make head or tails of what you said is if when discussing Tito "creating" Macedonia what you actually meant is that he created a fictional historical account that included a "Macedonia." I have no idea if this is what you meant, but it's sure not what you said.

Please try to be more clear because you haven't even begun to establish the relevance of your post.

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