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Tuesday, September 28, 2004


We should keep in mind that Kerry needs to "keep his base energized" and that base demonizes Bush and is in total opposition to the Iraqi War. Like the pretty assistant a magician uses to distract his audience while he sets up the next trick, Kerry needs Kennedy to distract the Deaniacs, while he appeals to the middle by claiming to be able to fight the war and its aftermath better than Bush. (Yeah, I'm aware that Kennedy isn't pretty, young or female. But there are those who consider him the 'soul of liberalism.')

My own suspicion is that this ranting will backfire. I know my own politicization traces back the the last days of the 1980 campaign when a pseudo-pious Carter went ballastic, accusing Reagan of leading us into WWIII.

There is a difference of course. In 1980, most of us knew that Carter was in the running for being the worst President of the twentieth century. On the other hand, most Americans did not know that much about Reagan. Today, they know Bush quite well, which is probably why the mud isn't sticking.

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