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Monday, August 16, 2004


You got it.

You got it.

I will certainly pray for you. I understand as I have TMJ and fibromyalgia and often have disabling headaches. I wish you the best.

I'll pray for you.

You are in our prayers.

of course.

im asking for god to send someone special in my life to truly love me.i'm believing in a miracle

im asking for god to send someone special in my life to truly love me.i'm believing in a miracle

Urgent Prayer for Zane and Mom - Mary Gardner will be taking 10 month old Zane home today from Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh to be with Jesus. They have discovered a tumor that has coated his whole brain. He will be under Hospice care until he is passes. Please pray for them. Please post your prayers in Zane’s guestbook. or email them at [email protected]

Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray for financial assistant, which is needed very badly and for a personal matter. For a friend that we will be able to sit down and talk to one other real soon and work out any problems. Thank you. I am begging you all to pray I need God help. I need as many people to pray for me. PLEASE PRAY.

Please pray that my true love, NAC & I are reunited and brought together again. After a terrible misunderstanding we have
parted ways. We have been together for 4 years and I need NAC back with me.

There is hope in prayer.

Thank you

Please pray to the Lord that I may be delivered from persecution by those who seek to destroy me. Open the minds and hearts of those who hear my plea, soften their fear and hate, overcome their bias and closed mind.

Ask the Lord to stand with me and give me the strength to overcome this trial.

Ask the Lord to grant me His peace and clarity of mind that I may respond to my accusers with compeling and persuasive explanations that turn their fear and anger into agreement and acceptance.

Ask the Lord to forgive my sins as I forgive those who have sought my destruction and demean me.

Ask the Lord to grant me His perfect love and absolution that I may be free to glorify his name.

Ask that I might find joy, comfort and peace through His provision of love and companionship, as is His plan for all His flock.

I humble myself before the Lord and open my mind that He may speak to me the words of his love and promise of a life fulfilled according to the covenent of His Holy Word.

I accept Jesus as my saviour and know that His perfect love for me allowed His sacrifice so that I may understand that the spirit is eternal and the trials and troubles of the world are temporary.

All this I humbly ask in the name of my saviour Jesus Christ.

Please pray for me and my boyfriend CTP that our relationship
will grow stronger and closer and that CTP will get unafraid of
being in a serious relationship with me and pray CTP will open
up his heart more to me and move closer to me instead of away
from me and that CTP will fall even deeper in love with me pray
CTP will want to marry me and have children with me. Pray his
two children will not interfere in our relationship nor anybody
else for that matter. Pray God will remove all obstacles that may
be preventing CTP from getting close to me and pray CTP will
want to see me more often and will start calling more often and
pray CTP will want to go on some more trips with me weather it
be and overnight trip long weekend or longer like a week and that
CTP will make all the arrangements pray CTP is still going to the
Nov 6th football with me. Pray CTP will start calling more and he’ll
want to see me this weekend and pray for his moody behavior he
has been having to just let go what ever is bothering him.

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