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Tuesday, June 01, 2004


It was only a matter of time. To them its just a book it would seem.

Please be a little more careful, brother, in the broadness of talking about "them." By the grace of God, I am a Christian, and I also happen to be an Anglican (although not a member of the Episcopal Church USA, much of which is apostate). I am one of many Anglicans worldwide who wholeheartedly affirm the sanctity and authority of the Scriptures. For more background on the historic confession of Anglicanism, still endorsed by millions of us, check out It's a strong Reformation confession (probably a bit calvinistic for your taste, but solidly orthodox).

You're right of course. I know that there are many good Anglicans. In fact, many Anglican Churches are quite strong indeed.

However, much of the leadership has simply abandoned the faith all together, which is what I meant.

I apologize for being overly broad.

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