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Thursday, May 06, 2004


I understand your minimizing the importance of such news. However, not washing before you wear what you bought could give you STD or even worse...

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SpaceMonkey, I sure hope you're just mocking the spammers I just got done deleting and banning.

haha. that was funny SpaceMonkey.
jeffrey, i had to do the same thing recently, though not, apparently, to the extent you did.

No, I am under the spam spell.

Yeah, I was mocking them. I've had to delete some of this garbage too.

I have one post that every so often I'll get two comments they say 'Hmmmmmmm, Interesting' I'm leaving them.

Your attack was pretty big though, I'm still small potatoes. A potatito.

'potatio' LOL

Yeah it was bigger than I've had in the past. Before I'd get one or two every couple of weeks. No big deal. But this one was eight or nine comments on a spread of posts in a short period of time. The other odd thing was that they were clearly left by the same person or group but almost every comment had a different IP address. Usually when I get a group of them they all have the same IP. I'm guessing this means they were using an IP forgery set up which is more sophisticated than what I usually get.

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