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Wednesday, April 21, 2004


1/3/04 The most disgusting story of the holidays. Watkins previously made a monetary settlement of two million dollars to the welfare of the FIVE children he orphaned due to his "inattentive driving". There are indications a cell phone might have been involved. After the lawyers get their 30%, it's less than $300,000 an orphan.Because of this 'generosity' and his public claims of much prayer, he was given a 90 day deferred sentence. That means if he can somehow avoid killing any more people or rolling a stop sign or robbing a liquor store, this incident will not exist on his record. Watkins can (and probably will) leave it out of his memoirs. It's a sweet deal, I'ld say, and there's not a chance in Wes Watkin's Heaven that you or I would have gotten the same deal. Was he just a jerk on a cell phone?We'll never know and he doesn't have to tell us. The DA and the Judge (and those who don't vote them out of their positions of Public Trust) have turned a tragedy into a travesty.

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