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Saturday, April 24, 2004


I would read the essay but there's no link.

But I agree with your sentiments. We get called arrogant cowboys by the world, but the truth is we'd rather have nothing to do with their nonsense.

You talk all the way through as if the people of a country are the same as the rulers of a country, but that's totally untrue.

For example, you say that many americans want to leave the rest of the world alone, but that's not at all how the US government feels. They have intelligence in every single country in the world, and when something happens that they don't like, they do something about it whether its any of their business or not. In Ukraine right now with the election problems, the US said that if the communist got into power, they would not have anymore to do with the country. This is because communism is not to their liking so they want to stop it selfishly.

Also, the majority of Britain's hate the UK's alliance with the US, because we all hate the US government, just like most of the rest of the world. But this doesn't mean we don't like the American citizens. This is a misunderstanding which happens all the time in loads of places.

The American government cannot ignore the rest of the world's problems, like you say, because it is one of the things that causes them. In the past, the US has given millions of dollars to Osama Bin Laden and his army to fight the govrnment over there. They also helped Saddam Hussain come to power in the first place.

The problem is that other poorer countries have become so jealous of the US and the way it is trying to control the world that some people have turned to terrorism. I think the US is too selfish to be able to effectively solve problems around the world, because they will change things to their liking. No doubt the US will come out of Iraq with an amazingly cheap source of oil because of some law that they force in in that country.

America and the rest of the rich world needs to use its economical strength to help the poorer countries so that they can support themselves.

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