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Sunday, April 04, 2004


How right you are! His plan is perfect.

as a woman, i must agree with you.

well, i see the women agree with me.

What about what Paul says about unmarried people, being better to "remain as you are", unless your lust would cause you to sin? I am finding it hard to reconcile the two, although I fully believe them both to be true. If it is not good for man to be alone, why is it better for him to remain as he is?

BTW, I don't see how the majority of men can live happily without woment to take care of domestics and organization. What seems to come naturally to me is a heavy burdon to my husband.

You must remember that Paul's recommendation not to marry was written during a time of extreme persecution. The generally accepted explanation of this passage that I have heard is that persecution would be easier to bear for those who are unmarried.

Also, I think Paul was able to realize that his life was simpler without chicks, persecution or not. He was letting them know that it wasn't commanded for them to be alone, just that women would severely complicate their lives.

sarah, you know i won't disagree with that. it's worth it though.

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