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Sunday, February 01, 2004


Ah well... As I heard off the pulpit during chapel one morning 30 years ago, "What exactly do you expect from somebody going to hell?". The only thing that you're going to hear from Ms. Jackson and Mr. Timberlake is denials; after all there is a lot of money on the line here. It (nudity and vulgarity) is going to get MUCH worse in the years ahead.

I'm mostly disappointed in the NFL. They made the decision to hire MTV to produce the half-time extravaganza. Not only was the "finale" a major oops, but Kid Rock, Nelly's incessant crotch-grabbing wasn't suitable for family entertainment. I'd say MTV, the NFL, Ms. Jackson and Mr. Timberlake all got exactly what they wanted.

Let's face it...MTV had a captive audience and they took full advantage of it. In no way was that an accidental performance unless it was Justins intention to bare both breasts.
Beyond that, MTV has become arrogant in their belief that they know more about sexuality than I as a parent.
My question is this...Now that we have such an "openness about sexuality", what is left for them to sing and gyrate about?

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