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Monday, February 02, 2004


A person is either for dogma or against it. The Episcopal bishop seems against it. What's a bible-based-dogma person to do?

Turn Southern Baptist?

This kind of thing disturbs me deeply. Especially since I see the same thing happening with the Presbyterian (PCUSA) denomination.
The people like the guy you quoted are heretics who are practicing evil. I personally want nothing to do with them or any so-called Christian Church that they are a part of.

I can attest to the converting to Christianity as an Anglican, I grew up that way, in a very humanistic, friendly, but totally apostate Anglican church in the diocese of New Westminster, the first in Canada to bless homosexual unions. I have a huge love for the church I came out of but all I see is evil tearing apart the greatest gift that the Anglican church had as a part of the body of Christ: unity. I applaud those churches who went with their conscience and their faith and chose to part with the dioscese. It's good to remember though that not all anglicans are like this - the Irish, African and Chinese Anglican churches are vibrant and growing - and following God.

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