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Wednesday, January 07, 2004


I find it astounding that what happened 40 and 140 years ago is directly shaping the voting habits of a large block of people. Weird. I wonder what is shaping my voting habits. Reaganomics?

Also, since those that can actually remember what happened back in the Sixties have to be up in their 50s and older, the GOP should start now (if not 10 years ago)if they want to get "ahold" of another generation.

As a black woman, I can tell you that even though I've never experience one bit of racism directly, I grew up hearing the stories from friends of my parents (not even my parents had significant racist encounters and they're in their mid-50s!) and other adults. The "legacy of slavery" is still alive and well in the black community. Even a 10 year old can run down a list of racists slights he's been told about.

When I ask my peers what racism they've encountered, I usually get stories of about sales people following the around in a store "because I'm black" kind of stuff. That's it! These issues need to be talked about and people need to stand up for what's true and reveal what's false without fear of being called a racist.

Keep up the good work on the blog.

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