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Thursday, December 04, 2003


He violated the Laws of War.

Americans don't do that.

He should be courtmartialed.

Or do chivalry and the Geneva Conventions only apply to other countries, and we are somehow above that?

I don't care a flying flip about chivalry, but he did not violate the laws of war. The Iraqi in question was wearing an Iraqi police uniform at the time, but was conspiring with the enemy. Under the Geneva Convention that makes him an enemy combatant wearing a friendly uniform. (Also known as a spy.) Under the Geneva Convention this made the Iraqi subject to summary execution.

Col. West didn't go as far as he had the right to; he just threatened to do it. There's no war crime here and there wouldn't have been even if he actually had shot the guy.

This had been determined in a court martial?

-What- religion are you?

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