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Sunday, December 07, 2003


You could hang out at Wal-mart or Best Buy and try out the units (if the controllers and display games are working!). You probably need to look at the game catalog and decide if you want to play particular games available for one and not the other. We are getting Game Cube for our youngster since they seem to have more games designed for younger kids, while X-Box and PS2 have more of the "M" titles.

X-Box does have the capability of going on-line, so you could play against a friend or stranger over the Internet if you have a broadband connection. Otherwise they all play about the same, although I'm sure there are fan sites that will point to minor differences in performance if you want to look them up.

Smash Brothers Melee and Soul Calibur are outstanding games for the Game Cube. I bought a used N64 just so I could play Smash Brothers on it, and my roommate is considering getting a Game Cube just for Smash Brothers Melee.

What game system would be the best to own?

I agree with the people who say, hang out and try these machines first. The feel of the controllers is very different (especially if the last controller you used is a Colecovision pad!). I have an xbox and am very happy with it. 4 controllers slots and a built in hard drive, plus dvd playing are all selling points, but the best is great games, all kinds. Whether you like sports, rpg's, shooters, action, xbox has it all. Ideally, try some sample game discs from magazines too before you invest the 50 big ones on a game.

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