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Saturday, October 04, 2003


I do believe I am as much disgusted as you are. Reason being, I am the mother of ONE of his children. While he was in Iraq, he did not attempt to call his 3 year old daughter...instead he was off with this lady. I later learned of their eronious marriage by watching 60 minutes! Then what do you know....local news began to air this. He has been made out to be this "nice" guy who is guilty of falling in love. Guilty? of Love? Whatever. He is guilty of disobeying a direct order. But all he got was a slap on the hand. Needless to say he has not seen his daughter in almost 4 years and he and Edhaa live 20 minutes from me. They have completed several book deals, in which they no longer have to work an hourly job, unlike the rest of us. They're definitely rolling in the RV, new motorcycle (special edition of all things), 2 new (expensive) vehicles and a half a million dollar home. I'm ill. And pissed.

I think Sean had a different motive in mind when he contacted the Press in Iraq to document the wedding. I now believe they both have done this for publicity..."we're going down in the books for this baby"! Yeah, you have. These two are like celebrities and it happened overnight. But it wasn't done the right way.

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