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Sunday, October 05, 2003


I believe it was the Fox studio folks who showed a clip of Emmit and Cowbowys owner Jerry Jones talking before the game. Over that picture they said something along the lines of this, speaking as if Jerry Jones, "Good to see you, Emmit. Glad I let you go."

Emmit wearing something other than Cowboy blue does seem strange, but I think the Cowboys did the right thing in letting him go. He was obviously good enough to catch on elsewhere, but there are many backs in the league who are better than him. Twenty-one, at least according to yards rushed.

Perhaps he should have retired.

You people are idiots. Emmit smith is the greatest football player of all time. His tank is not empty yet and if it is on half he is still better then over half the running backs in the nfl. lets face it there is alot of people who wanted Emmit to not break the rushing record and now that he has not retired he is going to expand the record where it would take but a mere miracle to break thats why hes the best.

I think that the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was stupid to let Emmitt Smith go. Yes he is the greatest running back of All-Time. Just because he had a bad season in which everyone is entitled to have. But you have to look at the offensive line at the time. whenever you put someone fresh on the offensive line you saw a hughe burst from Emmit. The holes opened up. But when you put the starting lineman in he failed to open the hole for Emmitt. I believe that the Cowboys would have gone to the Super Bowl at least two more times with Emmitt. Now that he's in Arizona he's still accomplishing his tasks.

Jerry Jones is so stupid emmit go .emmit smith is the best ever .I think emmit smith is the best

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