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Sunday, September 07, 2003


Glad to lend a hand. :-)

To change font size, you do the following:
1. sign into typepad
2. click on your weblog name
3. click on the "design" tab
4. click on the "style" link
5. on the next screen scroll down until you see the "weblog posts" section, then click the "edit this element" button
6. scroll down in the next window to the "post body" section, then use the pull down menu to change the text size
7. click "save changes" at the bottom of the window
8. click "save changes" again on the remaining window

Hope that makes sense.

A cool place to head if you have more questions about how to use typepad is the unofficial users group. You can find those forums here:


Thanks for the try. Unfortunately, my system is apparently set up differently. I only have one option under the "Style" link. It just lets me choose between different major style formats. I'll keep looking. Thanks.

I was wondering - What is the benefit of hosting a blog on this server, rather than used Blogger's (I just saw the latest entry at Country Keepers, noting that you had a new blog home. (I suppose that I will have to change the link on my blogroll... At least - I think that I have had your link up there; if not, I will add it soon.) But I am one who does not like change. Is your previous blog still going to be up? Anyway, nice site.


I moved for several reasons. One of those is that blogspot is just too unstable for my tastes. I haven't had as much trouble as some people, but I've still had trouble with my site vanishing periodically and my archives crashing. The new site is on a TypePad server. It's base on Moveable Type, so I'm not using blogger at all anymore.

Also, this server is supposed to allow me to upload pictures directly to it. For my purposes, that may be helpful since I no longer have any place to store graphics.

In answer to your other question, I don't have any plans to close down the old site. It will stay up indefinitely for archival purposes. At some point, I may import my archives over here, but even then I'll probably leave the old site up.

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